Blockgum Mobile Client

Blockgum Mobile Client is easy way to manage your EVM Chains Server daemon. You can do connect with all chains[Yes all EVM Chains] , Track deposits/ Withdrawals/Tokens and make requests.

It comes with Server app Shutdown or Restart interface too.

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Simply install blockgum application on your server and start Creating 4+ Billion addresses ,Detect Deposits , Process withdrawals and many more. You can monitor your Server Application using Mobile client.

Where BlockGum can be used?

Be it Stores supporting crypto payments, Wallet providers, Crypto Exchanges , ICO/IEOs or People using Ethereum Web3 , Geth or Moralis.

Can it be connected to existing platform ?

Yes, 100% . BlockGum comes with REST APIs that can be connected to any server or client side app. We provide complete Blockgum documentation

Yes , Blockgum is out of the box solution to generate Unique addresses for each of your customers , track their deposits and withdraw them as per your requirement. Its powered with various other tools that allows you to move your deposits to main account automatically. Sending Gas fees from Main account to user accounts is also part of features.

Blockgum is 100% secure system with Various level of encryptions and firewalls. It uses JWT token system for api connectivity.

EVM Aka Ethereum Virtual Machine which is computational environment that can execute smart contract, store & intract with them. EVM saves such event of Deposit , Transfer , Balance etc on blocks.

What EVM Chains are supported?

There are over 378 mainnet and 300 testnets supported by Blockgum. Including ETH , Matic , BNB , Avax ,FTM , MOVR, CRO , HT ,TOMO , KLAY Supported EVM Chains

You can easily support any EVM network , Simply add its RPC [HTTP/WSS] in chains.json and you are ready to go.

No, BlockGum is independant server application , That does not share any information with us or anyone else.

How long does it take to setup Blockgum Node Server?

It is done in very few steps and as quick as an hour max.

  1. Run our installation tool on your Ubuntu V18/20/22 server.
  2. Change Config a few lines ie and generate LICREQ code.
  3. Enter LICREQ code on Blockgum Dashboard and save your Blockgum license to server config.
  4. You are ready to go.

We are loaded with highly efficient development team including system architects. We are available for custom work or services too Get in touch

Comprehensive features for Blockchains

Use Blockgum for its powerful features ,Save time , money and be ahead. Faster and smarter solution for web3 EVM chains.

EVM Chains App

EVM Chains Support

BlockGum has support for All EVM based chains out of the box.

All ERC20 Supported application

ERC20 tokens support

BlockGum supports all ERC20 , BEP20 or equivalent tokens.

ethereum hdwallet

Address Generation

BlockGum provides HD Key Based Address Generation.

Multichain App for ethereum

Multichain Address Support

Same Address support for multiple networks to keep things simple.

Ethereum deposit api tracking detection

Auto Detection of Deposits

Deposits Watcher for All EVM Chains and their tokens.

Ethereum Transaction History

Blockchain Query

Know Events on blockchain for all the addresses under HDKey.

BEP20 transaction withdrawal app

Easy and Secure Withdrawal

Move funds , Send Tokens , ETH BNB BEP20, ERC20 or any equivalent tokens.


Firewall & JWT based security

JWT based authentication with Another layer of Firewall.

ERC20 BEP20 Token deposits

Custom Tokens to Monitor

BlockGum supports custom tokens for monitoring or even all.

Wallet to Supported EVM Chains and Networks

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