Geth Alternative

Why blockgum?

Geth app

  • Unlimited Address Generation
  • Server Side App
  • Transaction Signing
  • Multichain [ One chain per geth]
  • Deposit Detection
  • HD-Wallet Support
  • Mobile Dashboard app
  • Fund movement to main account
  • Token Based security
  • No Periodic Backup required

HD wallet is hierarchical deterministic digital wallet which can generate unlimited number of private keys using single xPrv key.Anyone with a copy of both the public and password-like private key can control the cryptocurrency like eth /btc in the account. It does not require you to keep track of individual key.

Blockgum adds features those are missing in GETH or Parity, as Geth does not cover tracking of deposit , HD wallet, Mobile app management and many more features.Blockgum also covers features that Moralis and Geth together does.

Yes, 100% . BlockGum comes with REST APIs that can be connected to any server or client side app. We provide complete Blockgum documentation

Yes , Blockgum is out of the box solution to generate Unique addresses for each of your customers , track their deposits and withdraw them as per your requirement.Its powered with various other tools that allows you to move your deposits to main account automatically. Sending Gas fees from Main account to user accounts is also part of features.

Blockgum is 100% secure system with Various level of encryptions and firewalls. It uses JWT token system for api connectivity.

Wallet to Supported EVM Chains and Networks

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